Non-monogamous Identities: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box(es)

14mar14:4516:00Non-monogamous Identities: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box(es)Mag. Judith Schoßböck14:45 - 16:00

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Consensual non-monogamy means different things to different people, but captures a huge diversity of erotic experience, love and relationship styles. For some of us it can define important parts of our identity, others prefer to see it more as a tool.

Alternative communities are often the first to come up with new terminologies in order to give meaning to a different way of bonding, in contrast to normative concepts that are traditionally available.

While this offers orientation and supports solidarity, it can also get complicated, in particular when political or ethical aspects are included:

Does polyamory count as a choice, style, identity, or sexual orientation?

What is, for instance, the difference between hierarchical & non-hierarchical polyamory and relationship anarchy?

What about the ethical in hierarchical non-monogamy?

Such questions relate to different clusters in our circles, creating better understanding, but also contrast and difference.

This talk will introduce some boxes 😉 that we use to classify our relationship orientation and reflect on theirs meaning and implications.

On the basis of academic and community discussions, I will provide input that can assist us in our choice and selection of words – whether we are solo, open or part of a tribe.


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(Sunday) 14:45 - 16:00

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