How Technology changes Sexualities and Modes of Relationship

12mar13:3014:30How Technology changes Sexualities and Modes of RelationshipJohannes Grenzfurthner13:30 - 14:30

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From the depiction of genitalia in cave paintings to the latest internet VR porn game, technology and sexuality have always been closely linked.

So closely, in fact, that the development of emergent technologies -­ photography, motion pictures, and the internet ­- has been largely fueled and funded by carnal desires. As JG Ballard once prophesied, “Sex times technology equals the future.”

Lively and wide-ranging, Johannes tries to explore the sex-tech connection historically and in the present day, but specifically focusing on how technology aides the change of how we define relationships.

Humans are a sexual, technological, narrative and political beings. A new approach to sex, love, and bonding can help to break up toxic social codifications.

Marx’s categorical imperative is to overturn all conditions in which man is a humiliated, a subjugated, an abandoned, a contemptible being. And of course this also applies (and is unfortunately forgotten again and again) to our (sexual) relationships.



(Friday) 13:30 - 14:30

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