What is Ethical Non Monogamy ?

A fast-growing, liberal community views open-minded relationship models with a candid sexual attitude as an important door opener for personal growth and a satisfying life – apart from the set boundaries and rigid rules of society.

Many also claim that becoming sexpositive within the relationship drastically improves the entire quality of life and is the key to genuine satisfaction.

Yes, your sexuality needs attention and appreciation. It is for the majority of adults, presumably the most important element in our lives when getting closer to someone. Also sex and sexuality connect with all areas of your life.

But it is really not only about sex! What ultimately counts is the relationship with the people you are spending time with! The interaction and communication between the people involved is what it is really all about. 

So what exactly is polyamory and what does it do for or to me?

And what is consensual and ethical non-monogamy?

Find out more about these concepts in this online conference, as there are a plethora of ways on how to design your perfect relationship model.

This conference will bring you closer to your own ideal of a relationship, and while your ideas and preferences may change with time, always remember: As long as you stay in touch with yourself and others, you have the ability to negotiate all aspects of your relationship!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find your relationship potential! Enjoy the conference sessions initiating discussions and important questions assisting you to find your very own path in the world of manifold relationship models.