Reinhard Gaida, MSc

Reinhard Gaida is the founder and senior partner of Schwelle Wien,
Vienna’s first sex-positive space which he established in 2012.

Reinhard is a certified coach, counselor and trainer and is responsible for taking all necessary measures and precautions for maintaining a mindful and nurturing environment for all Schwelle Wien venues.

The Schwelle Conference and Schwelle Festival promote and enforce the concept of mutual acceptance and respectful interaction. All participants are given the opportunity to develop in a safe and inclusive space and to encounter consensual new experiences in all kinds of directions.

“My goal is to create safe places and discourses for a strong open-minded community. I emphasize on providing support to everyone who wants to live ethical non-monogamous relationships with or without a sex-positive lifestyle. Moreover with our events we strongly continue the public discourse on polyamory and sex positivism”.


  • Marketing, sales, management and leadership
  • Hypnosis Trainer – American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Master of Science, Coaching
  • Life & Social Counselor
  • NLP coach, master & trainer
  • Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator (i.A.)


LINK W24 Spezial Liebe 4.0


TALK: (Supposed consensual) Non-monogamy: Personal experiences and lessons learned



Mag. Sheila Poor

Sheila has a master‘s degree in business adminstration and has gained valuable professional experience in various industries. She has been working in the field of media as a production coordinator, executive producer, booker and copywriter for over nine years.

Sheila got to know Schwelle Wien during an editorial television production named „Love 4.0“ for „W24“, Viennas local television broadcast in June 2017. Ever since Sheila is our media officer and responsible for public relations and press work.

Sheila greatly empathizes with others and has an incredible talent and sensibility for finding the right words and nuances. She expresses the emotions and delicate information Schwelle Wien wishes to communicate to a broader audience.

For her Schwelle Wien is a safe place vital for a modern city like Vienna. Sheila likes to contribute her professional expertise to promote the importance of an open minded mentality facilitating alternative relationship models and ways of life.

Ing. Natascha Ditha Berger, MSc

Natascha is a psychotherapist working with a kinky- and poly-friendly mindset since 2013.

Her work ethic is based on traditional scientific theories especially considering the concept of integrative therapy combined with a fine grasp towards a non-monogamous lifestyle.

She also wrote her master thesis about the impact of ethical correct non-monogamy dealing with the identity of a person as well as the importance of a supporting psychotherapeutic relationship.

Natascha also attends relevant festivals and workshops, both as a guest and as a speaker, to further explore the kinky and consensual non-monogamous world and is eminently inspired by her clients on how to best support them professionally.

Since 2018 she has also been facilitating the “Poly-Group” of Schwelle Vienna together with its founder Reinhard Gaida.

A sexpositive mindset in therapy sessions is her speciality and she is a founding member of Austria’s Kink-Aware-Professionals Network –

Her personal web site – German only homepage, however consultations are available in English too.

TALK: Accompanying Clients on their Way to Consensual Non-Monogamy


Ottokar Lehrner

Ottokar Lehrner is an actor and director for film and stage, host of workshops and co-creater of festivals in the fields of love, relationship and connection.

He worked with Xplore, Liebeskunstfestival, Sexolution, Intimate Revolution and Erotic Living in Australia. Curator of retreats like „Changing Reality“ or „Bliss – from the mind into the body.“

„It’s all about connection. Opening up, connection and consent can change your life, and they can change the world.“

„I am fascinated by the huge, hidden potential in us and finding ways to set it free. My approach is playful, with lightness, humour, empathy and love. Love for myself and others with all their facets.“

My motto: „I have got a thousand faces, and all of them are true.“ (Henry Miller)